Actress Loles Leon has won a pay-out from a Spanish hotel after breaking her pelvis and wrist in Jeremy Irons' hotel room in 1999.
The severely injured star spent more than a month in hospital after fumbling for a light switch and tumbling down 18 steps in the actor's suite at Madrid's Santo Mauro hotel.
She has been fighting a lengthy legal battle with hotel bosses, suing them for $768,000 (£480,000).
The Supreme Court in Madrid has now granted Leon $62,400 (£39,000), ruling the hotel was partially responsible for the accident as there was no emergency lighting in Irons' suite.
Leon insists she is still suffering following the accident, and has lost several acting jobs because of her injuries.
She says, "As Jeremy is such a gentleman he insisted I went in (to the suite) first. There was a staircase, I went to turn the light on and I fell. Everyone was screaming. I could have been killed. I lost several jobs, I still see the physiotherapist, and I have never fully recovered."