A man who allegedly threw a glass at LMFAO star Redfoo in a Sydney pub has pleaded not guilty to assault and reckless wounding.

Arian Berisha, 21, reportedly attacked the hitmaker, real name Stefan Gordy, at the Golden Sheaf Hotel on 28 August (14).

Redfoo, who was leaving the bar to attend a party, was left cut and bloodied after he was hit by the glass in what he insisted was an unprovoked attack.

The Sexy & I Know It hitmaker, who is a judge on Aussie Tv talent show The X Factor, told a radio station after the incident, "The first thing I do is look where it (glass) came from and I see a dude kind of like ducking and dodging and trying to run away, so the chase is on, but then he is being detained, and I'm being held back.

"He did blow the kiss... like a taunting thing... That's just crazy to me."

Berisha will be back in court next month (Oct14).