LMFAO star Redfoo has issued a public apology after a petition was launched calling for him to be sacked from his Tv job over his controversial new song.

The Sexy and I Know It hitmaker has come under fire following the release of his track Literally, I Can't, which features lyrics suggesting men should tell women to "shut the f**k up" if they rebuff their advances.

Redfoo subsequently defended the song on Twitter.com, insisting he was being victimised by critics who have been "purposely misinterpreting" his work.

However, his comments failed to quash the controversy and a petition was launched on Change.org calling for him to be sacked from his role as a judge on reality Tv show The X Factor Australia.

The star has now backed down and issued an apology. In a post on Facebook.com, he writes, "My greatest joy & mission from day one has been to entertain people from all walks of life: the kids, parents, teens, ladies, gentlemen, cops & even the robbers.

"I get excited to create things that will unite all of us through laughter, dance & celebration. If during that process I offend anyone, I apologise from the bottom of my heart. In the future I will be more mindful of the way I present my art."