LMFAO has celebrity fan Paris Hilton to thank for helping to boost their popularity - the socialite would always blast the dance duo's music wherever she went.
The Party Rock Anthem hitmakers, consisting of Stefan 'Redfoo' Gordy and his nephew Skyler 'SkyBlu' Gordy, initially attracted a cult following in 2008 before rising to fame in Europe after featuring on David Guetta's song Gettin' Over You.
But it wasn't until last year (10) that Lmfao started gaining favourable press in their native U.S. and Redfoo, the youngest son of Motown Records mogul Berry Gordy, is convinced Hilton is partly responsible for propelling them into the public eye.
Redfoo tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "Paris Hilton is a big fan. She's actually a big reason we're here today, because she would play our music in front of (cameras for gossip website) Tmz when she would drive around."
And the rapper/DJ is amazed at their new famous following: "Debbie Harry said that she made her (upcoming) album based on Lmfao. Jamie Foxx (starred in) one of our videos."