LATEST: Skater LLOYD EISLER has spoken out in defence of his actress girlfriend Kristy Swanson after the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer star was arrested at the weekend for allegedly attacking his ex-wife. Swanson has since filed assault charges against her accuser, Marcia O'Brien, insisting she was the victim in the fight, and Eisler is supporting his fiancee. He says, "There was never a time when Kristy put her hand on Marcia, never touched her. So, it's very strange to me how I get charged and she (Swanson) ends up with a black eye." The actress admits she's still shaken up after the alleged attack, which took place in Ontario, Canada when Eisler and Swanson were picking up his children from a pre-arranged visit with his ex. She tells U.S. TV news show Extra, "(I'm) still sore."