Llorca Biography

Llorca is Ludovic Llorca, the 28-year-old resident "soulman" of acclaimed French label F Communications, the successful company which has introduced the world to the likes of (label co-founder and techno producer) Laurent Garnier and the forward-thinking jazz of St. Germain (now signed to the legendary Blue Note label). Since signing with the label in 1997 on the strength of an unsolicited demo, Llorca has gone on to become a strong artist for F Communications.

He nurtured an early love for the American disco divas of the ‘70s via his mother’s Diana Ross and Donna Summer records (and actually going to some discos with his mother). One feels a bit of the same carefree and unconsciously sensual spirit of that musical movement in Llorca’s debut album, New Comer — particularly the songs that are in collaboration with Lady Bird ("True to Me" and "My Precious Thing.") "My Precious Thing," with its easy-flowing funk, helped Llorca develop a tremendous buzz in Europe. Also present in the mix are huge tides of jazz-funk (check the upright bass and piano licks of "Lalo Caught Me Dancin’") as well as strains of the golden era of Detroit techno and Chicago house (as on the brilliant "I Cry" with R&B singer Mandel Turner).

Llorca @ www.contactmusic.com
Llorca @ www.contactmusic.com

Since his father was part of a first generation of computer programmers, Llorca became very proficient in using computers from the age of 11 — even composing soundtrack music for Commodore 64 games produced by his father’s company and entering computer game demo competitions. He cites his early musical heroes to be those pioneers of video game sounds. The intermixing of visual and sonic play shaped Llorca’s whole musical philosophy from a tender age and gave him a headstart in building and modifying his own studio and equipment.

In 1995, Llorca began DJing, a venture that has since taken him to places as far flung as Tokyo’s esteemed Blue Note Club, Switzerland’s Montreux Festival and the Spanish party island of Ibiza. Around that time, he also met David Duriez, with whom he’d later start the Brique Rouge label and the band Les Maçons de la Musique. Several years in the making, Ludovic Llorca’s New Comer has the painstaking thought, variety and arrangement of a strong DJ set — designed, produced, and built by a consummate musician