Tennis ace Lleyton Hewitt has reached a settlement with a former pal who tried to block the release of a DVD documentary showing his softer side.

The outspoken former world number one incensed his ex-best friend Andrew Mcleod by filming Aboriginal sacred sites without permission while on a cultural trip in Australia's Northern Territory last year (04).

Indigenous McLeod showed Hewitt how locals bush walk, fish and dance, but deemed the material too culturally sensitive to be shown on documentary LLEYTON HEWITT: THE OTHER SIDE.

Despite seeking an injunction to block the film, McLeod backed down in a five hour court settlement yesterday (14NOV05).

In a joint statement the pair said: "Concerns in relation to the DVD arose largely as a result of misunderstandings about the way in which the DVD would be put together.

"Those misunderstandings have now been addressed and Andrew McLeod has advised that he has no objection to and supports the release and distribution of the DVD without change."