A man who allegedly broke into the home of rapper and TV actor LL Cool J clearly had some chutzpah. Despite the fact that he was overpowered and subsequently held by the star until police arrived to arrest him, Jonathan A. Kirby, aged 56, has pleaded not guilty to the burglary charge. Grapefruits of steel.
Reuters reports that the man is now being held in jail and a new hearing has been set for September 10th in Los Angeles so that the courts can decide if enough evidence exists for him to stand trial. There's a strong chance that Kirby's plea might well be out of desperation; the man has had at least two prior convictions in California, where the latest incident took place, and as such the law there dictates that a "third strike" would seem him face 38 years to life in prison. Which, after being beaten up by Ll Cool J, would surely only rub salt into the wound.
Kirby was arrested on August 22nd after police were called to the home of the rapper after he'd found the man in his kitchen late at night. He clearly roughed him over pretty badly whilst struggling to detain him, and Kirby was taken to a local hospital to treat a broken nose, jaw and ribs. Rough justice.