Rapper LL Cool J has rubbished reports he has resorted to steroids and cosmetic surgery to tighten up his ageing body. The 38-year-old hitmaker insists he has endured plenty of pain to achieve a shape he is happy with, and is furious critics assume he has taken the easy path. He says, "There are so many people speculating over what they think that I am doing. Is he doing steroids? Did he get plastic surgery? "It speaks more about the people who are making comments than it does about me. It tells me that they cheat and they're cheaters. "They are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary, and go through the pain necessary, in order to get in the best shape they can possibly be. "So they don't believe I would be willing to do it either. So it is really more about their weakness, and less about mine. "The reality is that I really do go into the gym, and I didn't have surgery, and I didn't do steroids. "I really do work out hard, and I really do diet. I really did do it. I really did dunk."