Rapper-turned-movie star LL Cool J has signed a multi-film contract with movie giant Lions Gate Films in a special campaign to target black female moviegoers.

LL Cool J, real name JAMES TODD SMITH, will get a producer's credit on each film as part of the multi-year deal, and can't wait to help tempt the black female market back into the cinemas.

And the hip-hop hunk will begin the collaboration by producing and starring in an "urban version" of 1987 movie Fatal Attraction, about a married man who is stalked by his mistress.

He enthuses, "This is the perfect transition for me as I can now pour all my energy and creative juices into this fresh and exciting producing venture."

Head of production at Lions Gate, Michael Paseornek (corr), adds, "What we are looking to do with LL is to get high-quality material that will attract talent.

"We are not looking to develop gimmicks but make real movies. LL has a huge following and is very credible with women.

"We'd love to make two of these a year. And we'll keep them coming if the marketplace responds."

15/07/2005 05:55