Legendary rapper LL Cool J is confident his new movie co-star JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE will prove his acting ability in forthcoming film EDISON.

The 'N SYNC singer is to make his big screen debut in the thriller, alongside Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and LL Cool J, who has already made the transition from music to movies in S.W.A.T., DEEP BLUE SEA and HALLOWEEN H20: 20 YEARS LATER.

The hip-hop star, whose real name is JAMES TODD SMITH, enthuses, "It's going to be real real exciting I think.

"I think he'll be fine - I mean he's a star, you love him, the world loves him, so I don't see why he should have any problems. I'm sure he's studying hard and getting ready so, it'll be cool."

01/03/2004 09:07