LL Cool J is determined to complete all of his own stunts on NCIS: LOS ANGELES - because he wants to make sure the TV show looks real.
The rapper-turned-actor plays a special agent in the navy cop drama opposite Chris O'Donnell.
And although LL Cool J has a stunt double on set, he performs as many action scenes as possible in the NCIS spin-off series.
He tells Digital Spy, "I do have a stunt double, but I like to do a lot of the stunts myself because I think that people should be able to see me doing it. As long as I'm not laying under a guillotine or getting kicked in the face by a horse, it will be me doing the stunts. I'll let the stunt guy do the bad stuff, but I like to do what I can. I hope that I'm in great shape in two years so that I'm able to do more stunts and action scenes. I really enjoy that aspect of the show."