Rapper LL Cool J was inspired to start designing clothes after chatting with a fashion executive at his daughter's soccer game. The rapper - real name MICHAEL TODD SMITH - was at a game in Long Island, New York, when he started speaking to friend RONALD GALLO, who encouraged him to market his ideas. He explains, "This brand is not about the rapper LL Cool J. "This is about Todd Smith, the guy you don't get to see and the lifestyle I live when I go home to Long Island." The sophisticated range is far from street-wear - the collection includes pleated gowns and cocktail dresses for women and fur-trimmed coats and crewneck sweaters for men. He adds, I'm doing fashion for the same reason Calvin Klein went into home furnishings - it's kind of in my spirit to come up with an idea and bring it to fruition. "It's about me expressing myself as an artist. It's about me creating something beautiful that makes people feel good."