Rapper LL Cool J is urging his peers to stop degrading women in their music videos, because he fears they are setting a bad example to the younger generation.

The rap star, whose latest video CONTROL MYSELF features a scantily-clad Jennifer Lopez, insists women can look sexy and classy in bikinis - but shouldn't be portrayed as prostitutes and strippers.

He says, "I think that there's more room in the videos for women to be portrayed in a better way, like, classy. I don't mean that they can't be beautiful, can't wear swimsuits, can't wear bikinis.

"I don't think that every woman has to be a stripper in every video.

"When you have three daughters and you're sitting there watching the video channel and every girl that's on there is like a stripper... I don't think that we have to tell them that this is all there is for you to do in order for you to make it."