Rapper LL Cool J admires fellow hip-hop star 50 Cent, because the G-UNIT leader is like a younger version of the CONTROL MYSELF star. The Def Jam veteran, real name JAMES TODD SMITH, is working with 50, real name CURTIS JACKSON, on his final release for the legendary rap label, and believes the pairing is so fruitful because the two artists share similar backgrounds. LL tells MTV, "My man has a great sensibility. He knows what I like. "We're from Queens (New York City). We're seven years apart in age. He knows what I'm into. We come from the same experience, so the music reflects that. "And let's face it, 50 reminds me of a place I was in a while ago. It's fun to work with somebody who rekindles those flames and makes me hungry again. It's definitely working."