Rapper LL Cool J refuses to take influence from other hip-hop stars and sport a fake image - because he wants his fans to see the real him.

The entertainer, 36, is adamant his physical appearance is an accurate reflection of his taste in clothing and his background, insisting it would only be "a facade" if he adopted the street clothing and gold chains sported by many of his music rivals, like Eminem.

Cool J says, "I'm just being myself. I don't have those issues. I come from a loving family.

"I think people respect you if you don't put on a facade.

"It's just that way because a lot of younger people like the tough guy.

"They get off on Eminem's image, too. It's not racist. People like things that have that fear factor. Look, people watch people eat bugs on TV."

26/08/2004 17:29