Lizzy Caplan loved wearing 1950s-style clothes for 'Masters of Sex'.

The actress - who stars alongside Michael Sheen in the new period drama which explores the work of sexual behaviour researchers Virginia Johnson and Dr. William Masters - enjoyed wearing her costume shapewear so much, she helped herself to some of the outfits.

She said: ''I became very attached to the underwear and would take it home. I loved the girdle and the stockings. It really helps your posture and is so flattering. Women looked fantastic back then - until they took that girdle off, anyway.''

Most of the retro designs worn by her character were designed just for Lizzy and the 31-year-old beauty was ecstatic to have her very own wardrobe.

She enthused to LOOK magazine: ''Ane Crabtree, our wardrobe designer, is a genius. A huge percentage of the dresses she made specially for me.''

No doubt Lizzy hopes her wardrobe will make her a style icon similar to curvaceous Christina Hendricks' Joan Holloway in hit 1960s-set period drama 'Mad Men'.

The show's costume designer, Janie Bryant, previously revealed how she styles flame-haired Christina in girdles and longline bras to achieve Joan's famous hourglass figure.