Liza Minnelli had a quick method of catering for her guests whenever she threw lavish dinner parties - she'd buy all of the chicken from fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

The CABARET star often threw the doors of her home open to many of the world's biggest stars, but she always spared her staff the trouble of toiling over a kitchen stove by sending them out to buy buckets of crispy fried chicken instead.

The star's former right-hand-man JIM CARUSO says, "I helped her throw these fantastic parties every Saturday night and she'd invite everybody in showbusiness and some of the legends from MGM and some people like Madonna and (BARBRA) STREISAND and Tony Bennett. It was fantastic.

"She loves Kentucky Fried Chicken so we would drive through and get these buckets. But she'd serve them in huge sterling (bowls), so it's looked fantastic."

And Minnelli, who liked her chicken cooked extra crispy, was never worried about hiding the telling evidence from her guests.

Caruso adds, "They saw the buckets in the kitchen. I'm thinking they noticed that."

17/09/2004 08:36