Liza Minnelli will never marry again.

The 64-year-old star - who was previously wed to Cabaret performer Peter Allen, director Jack Haley, Jr. sculptor Mark Gero and concert promoter David Gest - insists she has no plans to walk down the aisle for a fifth time.

When asked by US TV talk show host Larry King if she'd consider another marriage, she said: "Are you nuts? No I would not."

The 'Cabaret' star also admitted she has no idea why any of her marriages failed but thinks it is because she has always been in search of a fairytale ending to her life.

Liza - whose mother was legendary actress Judy Garland - said: "I have the best taste in my career and the worst taste in men.

"I think it may be because I grew up in the land of dreams. I don't know. I've always tried to figure it out. Where everything ended, when the white horse came in, off they went. I remember asking my mom once what happens after happily ever after? And there was this pause, and she said, 'You'll find out.' "

Liza's most recent marriage to David - who she refuses to refer to by name - ended in 2003 after 16 months, but they didn't divorce until 2007.

In recent months, the showbiz legend has been particularly scathing about the union - and said she told their mutual friend, late pop star Michael Jackson, she wished he hadn't let her go through with it right after the ceremony.

She said: "I grabbed him when I saw him when I got out of there. And I said, 'Why did you let me marry this idiot?' He said, 'I thought you liked him! You look so happy. Your dress was so beautiful. I don't know. Let me go!' And I said, 'Michael, how could you.' He said, 'It's over, relax.' Then we looked at each other and we started to laugh, we really started to laugh."