Liza Minnelli is eager to team up with Lady GaGa in the studio after she was blown away by the pop superstar's "phenomenal" performance in New York on Tuesday (22Feb11).
Gaga personally invited the Cabaret star to her Madison Square Garden gig - and then insisted on a face-to-face meeting backstage before the show.
The 64 year old even received a special shout out from Gaga during her set - the Poker Face singer told fans she would never lip-sync, "not with Liza watching".
And now Minnelli is a big fan: "She was wonderful. She asked me to come backstage before the show, which I thought was phenomenal. Well I wobbled back on my new knee, but she was wonderful and she told me that I was her idol and I felt like saying, 'You're kidding!'
"But also she's outrageous, she's very sexy and she can sing. There's no kidding around. There's a section that she does just at the piano and that voice is right on. It's at pitch, it's strong."
And Minnelli admits she would jump at the chance to work with Gaga after recording with more modern acts like the Pet Shop Boys and My Chemical Romance.