LATEST: Liza Minnelli's karate-trained bodyguard has accused her of beating him as well as her estranged husband David Gest.

Gest is reportedly suing the singer for $10 million (GBP6.25 million), alleging he suffered brain damage after being on the receiving end of one of her violent outbursts.

Now minder IMAD HANDI claims he tried to stop Minnelli hitting Gest - only to be beaten himself.

Handi claims one particular attack happened at London's CONNAUGHT HOTEL on 10 June (03), after recovering alcoholic Minnelli had been drinking.

Imad recalls, "She hit with a back-handed fist and I must confess it hit me so hard I took a step backwards. I have had people, men, kick the s**t and they didn't hit me that hard. Out of 10, she was a six."

He adds that attacks on him were "absolutely drunk-induced", and that the next day "she was so sweet and forgot about the whole thing - but she hit me that night".

26/10/2003 14:12