ATOMIC KITTEN star Liz Mcclarnon is refusing to let her latest failed relationship to get her down - she's still looking for a man to make her happy.

The WHOLE AGAIN singer faced her latest romantic disaster - following her high profile splits with Westlife's Kian Egan and Blue's Lee Ryan last year (03) - when she broke up with record executive TOM BEN last week (ends09JAN04).

However, according to pals, Liz is as desperate as ever to meet the right man - just like her bandmates Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost.

One pal says, "Liz doesn't have much luck with men. It's hard for her seeing Jenny and Natasha so happy with their boyfriends GAVIN HATCHER and DOMINIC THRUPP.

"Liz has had on-off boyfriends like Lee and Kian but she wants to settle down.

"All she wants is a good man to look after her, but since she split from childhood sweetheart TOMMY HIBBS, she's had a nightmare with blokes.

"Lee treated her badly and Kian's been really off with her too. It's a real shame because she's a lovely girl. She just wants a nice normal bloke to look after her."

12/01/2004 12:58