Liz Mcclarnon's debut solo album will be a country record.

The Atomic Kitten star is the only member of the 90s girl group - also comprised of Natasha Hamilton and Kerry Katona - to go on to pen solo material and she has teamed up with rising alt-country duo Two Ways Home to write tracks for the release.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Isabella Mariee - who is joined by Lewis Fowler in the duo - shared: ''She's [Liz] starting a country project and we've been writing with her a bit.

''We've been working on her album alongside her. She's a great writer and so lovely.''

Liz, 36, released her first solo single in 2006, a cover of Barbra Streisand's 1980 hit 'Woman in Love'.

In 2007, the 'Whole Again' hitmaker attempted to represent the UK in the 'Eurovision Song Contest' with her single 'Don't It Make You Happy'.

However, she lost out to pop group Scooch and their hit 'Flying the Flag (For You)'.

Two Ways Home are a talented pair of songwriters who met at university six years ago, and recently released their EP 'Closest Stranger' featuring new single 'Best Part of Me'.

Speaking about why they think country music has become hugely popular again in the UK, thanks to acts such as The Shires and Ward Thomas, Lewis explained: ''It's less of a revival, more of a new scene growing, the sound is changing and people are approaching it in a new way.''

The pair believe they stand out because they have an organic sound unlike the heavily auto-tuned tracks heard on the radio.

Lewis continued:'' We think people are keen to hear music with live drums and bass and vocals that aren't auto-tuned to the max, just a little bit more of a raw sound.

''It just kind of feels a bit more real than electronic music.''