Former ATOMIC KITTEN singer Liz Mcclarnon feared for her life on Monday (04OCT04) when a road-rage maniac tried to drive her friend's car off the road.

The pretty blonde and her pal were driving through west London after attending the British film premiere of BRIDE AND PREJUDICE when they got lost and became the target of a vicious motorist.

A friend says, "Liz's friend is a really safe driver and was worried about this other car straight away.

"He was all over the road and driving right up to their bumper. Then suddenly he swerved into them as if he was trying to run them off the road.

"Understandably they were terrified. They were in a part of London they didn't know and this madman was driving at their car. It was very frightening for both of them."

McClarnon's spokesman adds, "They were shaken, but ok."

06/10/2004 08:49