Former ATOMIC KITTEN singer Liz Mcclarnon will have to overcome paralysing stage fright to make her solo stage debut in Germany in May (04).

The sexy star has launched herself as a solo artist while the girlband take a year out - so singer Natasha Hamilton can spend time with her baby son.

But McClarnon confesses performing without the support of her bandmates Hamilton and Jenny Frost terrifies her.

She says, "I'm going to take a deep breath and perform my first solo show in Berlin this May with a full classical orchestra.

"At first, I refused point blank because it's terrifying, but I've got to do it and take the leap."

She is also adamant there will be no rivalry between her and Frost - who is launching her own solo career at the same time:

"We'll be releasing at different times. If they try to make us compete, we'll refuse.

"If only one of us can be successful and I had the choice, I'd want it to be Jenny."

21/03/2004 14:20