British pop star Liz Mcclarnon is wary of allowing strangers into her home following her ordeal at the hands of cyber pest, as she gets "really frightened" when she is by herself.

The Atomic Kitten singer was bombarded with threats and sexual messages from Robin Duke and began to fear for her safety following the torrent of online abuse.

In January (13), Duke pleaded guilty to six charges of harassment against MCClarnon and five others, and was sentenced to three years probation, and MCClarnon has opened up about the ordeal for upcoming U.K. Tv show My Secret Past.

She is quoted in Britain's Sunday Mirror as saying, "He contacted me when I joined Twitter in 2009. At first it was just compliments, then it turned into over-familiar behaviour. After a while it went into ­absolute filth and graphic sexual messages. The threats came later. He said exactly how he was going to rape me. He was saying it all publicly on Twitter, which made it even more disturbing.

"It was so scary that at first I just blocked him on Twitter and tried not to think about it. But he kept making more profiles in different names.

"I've been so scared since it all happened that I won't let anyone that's not family or friends into my house. I get really frightened when I'm on my own. If someone threatens to rape you, you have to take it seriously."

Duke has since apologised to MCClarnon, stating, "I'm really sorry. I had personal issues, but that's no ­excuse. I'm deeply ashamed. I'd say to anyone doing this to stop and think about other people's feelings. Words hurt."