ATOMIC KITTEN singer Liz Mcclarnon is refusing to rule out a band reunion after the pop trio teamed up to record charity single CRADLE.

The chart-topping pop band - McClarnon, Jenny Frost and NATASHA HAMILTON - split in March of last year (04) to concentrate on motherhood and solo projects.

But following a temporary reunion to re-record their old tune Cradle, McClarnon admits she'll consider reforming Atomic Kitten in the future if serious discussions ever arise.

She says, "There has been no talk of us getting back together, but we're not saying it's never going to happen. It's totally up in the air.

"WORLD VISION asked us to help raise awareness of children in Africa who are in some way affected by AIDS. They asked us to go over to Africa and we thought we could release a charity single, too.

"Cradle is from the first Kitten album and we re-recorded it last year."

Cradle is released in the UK on Monday (14FEB05).

09/02/2005 17:42