ATOMIC KITTEN singer Liz Mcclarnon is amazed she's in a successful pop band - because she found it so easy securing a place in the all-female trio.

The WHOLE AGAIN singer admits she'd never really thought of being in a band until ex-Kitten KERRY KATONA - now KERRY McFADDEN - offered her the job.

She explains, "I was like, OK, let's go to the pub and talk about it. We saw (former manager) ANDY McCLUSKEY and he was like, 'Yeah, OK, that's cool, I've got some songs.' He played them, we held auditions, got NATASHA (HAMILTON), got offered six record deals and took one of them."

And she claims even getting attention from record companies was remarkably easy, adding, "We sent them a demo, then we rang them. It was like, 'Here we are, three mouthy birds from Liverpool who just want to make this band work, here's the music, what do you reckon?' And they were like, 'Cool!'"

But, Liz adds, it's not all plain sailing, "That was how we did it, but I must say, if you want to be successful you need to work really hard at the beginning. If you make it fair enough, if you don't, it wasn't meant to be with that band."

28/05/2003 20:10