Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede has been named a goodwill ambassador for the UNITED NATION's WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO).

The stunning beauty, who is one of the faces of Estee Lauder alongside Carolyn Murphy and Elizabeth Hurley, is focusing on reducing child birth mortality rates.

Kebede, 26, says, "Having lived in Ethiopia, I've known a lot of women who have died in childbirth.

"It's almost even normal to hear that women are going to die giving birth. But there are actually solutions, it's not like a cancer we can't cure - we actually have treatments."

WHO chief Doctor LEE JONG-WOOK adds, "Liya is a perfect ambassador for this issue. Not only is she a young woman and a working mother - she is an Ethiopian who has risen to the top of her industry."

09/03/2005 17:51