Patriotic former CREED stars MARK TREMONTI, SCOTT PHILLIPS and BRIAN MARSHALLS have been accused of beating up members of controversial rock act the Living Things for making alleged anti-American comments at a gig in Switzerland. Living Things singer LILLIAN BERLIN claims members of the trio's new group Alter Bridge took offence to comments he was making at a Zurich show on Wednesday night (14JUN06) - and charged onto the stage. Berlin alleges an American flag was hurled at his drummer, brother BOSH BERLIN, while guitarist COREY BECKER was "trampled" by Alter Bridge bandmates, who were headlining the show, and their road crew. Berlin tells MTV News, "We were in the middle of our second song, and I had some stuff to say about the current administration and the way they're handling the Iraq war. "We went into our fourth song, and some goon from that Creed band came out swinging an American flag and then threw it at our drummer, Bosh." The singer claims the group was forced to abandon their set shortly after because both his drummer and guitarist had black eyes and other injuries. Members of Alter Bridge and their entourage hurled abuse at them as they left the stage. But a spokesman for headliners refutes Berlin's claims, stating, "Alter Bridge was not happy that this band chose to deliver anti-American statements to their audience. However, no Alter Bridge band members were onstage, and their crew was in their designated working areas during this supposed incident."