Upcoming movie Live Freaky Die Freaky will be glittering with a cast of punk rockers - in cartoon form.

The movie, written and directed by JOHN ROECKER, is the re-telling of the life of notorious 1960s cult leader Charles Manson and is set in the year 3069.

Produced by Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong, it stars GREEN DAY'S BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG - who voices the main character, BLINK 182's Travis Barker, solo star Kelly Osbourne, Good Charlotte's BENJI and Joel Madden, AFI's Davey Havok, Armstrong's bandmate LARS FREDERIKSEN and TRANSPLANT's Rob Aston.

Roecker explains, "The movie is about a man's search for spirituality and gods at any cost. There's drama, comedy, music, gore, sex and dancing."

Praising his famous narrator, Roecker adds, "Billie is amazing in this movie. Everyone in it is a friend of mine or Tim Armstrong's. It was easy to cast because it was obvious who would play who.

"Billie is just like Charlie because when you see him onstage he whips people into a cult-like frenzy."

Roecker and former Faith No More keyboardist RODDY BOTTOM provide the soundtrack for the movie - to be released next February (04), and the director explains, "They're more like Broadway show tunes.

"The best thing about working with all these musicians is that, unlike actors, they were prepared to take a risk and have fun with this project."

30/07/2003 17:44