Live Aid legend SIR Bob Geldof became so enraged during a meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, he grabbed the premier and held him in a headlock.

Geldof - who masterminded the 1985 charity concerts - joined U2 frontman Bono on a jaunt to Cologne, Germany, to lobby Blair shortly after the Labour Party came into power in 1997.

The rockers were urging the Prime Minister to increase funds to ease third world debt, but Blair's response to their pleas sparked anger in Geldof - which erupted into violence.

Bono recalled the incident in an interview with Blair's former press adviser ALASTAIR CAMPBELL, due to air on British TV's CHANNEL 5 on Wednesday (27OCT04).

The PRIDE (IN THE NAME OF LOVE) singer revealed Campbell was forced to launch into action and drag Geldof away from Blair.

Campbell himself adds, "It was a while back but I do remember Geldof getting very heated with Tony and losing his cool."

25/10/2004 13:42