Pregnant actress Liv Tyler was keen to wait a few years after marrying before having children - until she starred alongside child star Raquel Castro in Jersey Girl.

The Lord Of The Rings beauty tied the knot with long-term love, rocker ROYSTON LANGDON in March 2003, and admits she became broody earlier than she expected while filming the Kevin Smith movie.

Tyler says, "I think Raquel worked some magic on me there, no question. She is so cute.

"I've been thinking about babies and motherhood and that kind of stuff for quite some time now. For over two years, my career was everything. I hardly saw my boyfriend. Then you come in contact with somebody like Raquel and you've convinced, 'Give me one of those'.

"I had to have this empathy with her and it wasn't difficult. Little girls are so gorgeous."

01/07/2004 02:08