Liv Tyler loved working with film-maker Kevin Smith on his new movie JERSEY GIRL, because the director creates really strong female characters.

The eagerly-anticipated film - which follows a widower and his young daughter trying to rebuild their lives after the death of her mother - reteams sexy Liv with ARMAGEDDON co-star Ben Affleck, an experience both thoroughly enjoyed.

And for Liv, the chance to work with a Hollywood film-maker with such respect for the fairer sex was a tonic.

She says, "Kevin is hysterical! He is always making me laugh and is such a great writer. He writes really well-rounded female characters. My character is smart, funny, brave and kind.

"I really enjoyed playing the part because she had so many great qualities. Many times female parts are lacking in depth but I feel Kevin really likes women, is interested in them, and knows how to write them well."

24/11/2003 21:22