Liv Tyler could only forgive her rocker father Steven Tyler for missing out on her childhood when she became a mother herself. The Lord of the Rings actress thought her father was musician Todd Rundgren until she met Tyler at the age of eight. She recalls, "I can remember meeting him when I was eight and thinking, "Wow, his hands look like my hands and we pick our cuticles in the same way and we walk in the same way." Tyler reveals she only began to understand her parents relationship after becoming a mother for the first time, to son Milo with husband Royston Langdon in 2004. She says, "I have made a lot of judgments throughout my life towards my parents and how they did things and why, and now that I am an adult and a parent I understand a little more. I know that we all make strange decisions at times in our lives and do things that people don't understand. But if they are true for you that's OK, and I don't want to be a judgemental person."