Liv Tyler's model sister Mia once considered killing herself during a long battle with depression.
The 29-year-old came closest to ending her life eight years ago, when she found herself sat on the balcony of a Hollywood Hills estate - and contemplated jumping to her death.
Tyler, whose parents are Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and actress Cyrinda Foxe, makes the revelation in her forthcoming memoir Creating Myself.
The plus-sized model writes, "I was going to kill myself. One thing I knew for sure: if I jumped, no one would find me at the bottom of the canyon.
"I sat down, and let my legs dangle over the edge. I puffed on a joint. I wondered if it was going to hurt. If it did, it wouldn't matter for more than an instant, right?"
Tyler was saved by a cellphone call offering her a job as a MTV video jockey.