Liv Tyler wanted to be genuinely scared while filming 'The Strangers'.

The 40-year-old actress starred in the 2008 horror as Kristen McKay alongside Scott Speedman in the movie by Bryan Bertino, and Tyler reportedly didn't want to fake being terrified of the intruders in her house, and didn't want to see any of her co-stars wearing their masks.

In the new Bu-ray addition of the horror film, Tyler's co-star Laura Margolis - who played one of the masked killers - said: ''I got strict instructions not to let Liv see me in my mask before we shot.

''The first scene that I shot was stalking Liv Tyler outside of the barn. I had been told that she really wanted to be scared.

''She didn't want to have to fake it, and so it was my responsibility to really scare her.

''So we shot that scene, I ran at her, she started actually screaming, and then she kicked me away.

''Bryan and the producer said I did a good job.''

The film follows the couple who are expecting a relaxing weekend at a family vacation home, but their stay turns out to be a fight for survival.

When a mysterious and dangerous woman arrives at the door while James [Speedman] is out, the real danger starts to show up in the form of three masked torturers.

Now Johannes Roberts has helmed a sequel to the hit movie 'The Strangers: Prey at Night' - which is slated for release this month - and the filmmaker revealed he was inspired by John Carpenter's 'The Fog' and 'Christine'.

He recently told Bloody Disgusting: ''Those two films really were my lead in terms of atmosphere and pacing and cinematic style. It's a tricky one in terms of the movie has a very tense slow build. It's just atmosphere.

''It's really building it and then when things go wrong, it's relentless. It's a tricky line to balance which is something you discover in the cutting room more because an audience needs to breathe.

''You can't just hit them over the head relentlessly. It was a tricky one to get just right.''