The Armageddon star is currently expecting another child with her sports agent fiance Dave Gardner, but she is already considering her next career move as she juggles wedding plans with baby preparations.

Liv has been spending a lot of time in London with her British partner, and she is hoping to finally conquer crippling stage fright to tackle a role in the city's famed theatre district.

"(If) there's an amazing director who'd take me under his wing (I'd do it). But it would have to be performance and character driven - that collaboration I would love," she tells Britain's ES Magazine.

The actress also admits she dreams of starring in a musical production, adding, "More than anything in the whole world ever, I would love to do a musical. I'm never not humming a song or singing or thinking of a song. I literally think in song all day long."

She goes on to hint she has fallen out of love with Hollywood in recent years, suggesting budget cuts have made working in the film industry a lot harder.

"Today everyone wants to make movies for less so they cut corners," she adds. "I still have a real passion for acting but in a slightly more snobby way... I only want to work with film-makers that turn me on and make me excited."

During the interview, Liv, who has a son named Sailor with Dave, as well as her older son Milo from a previous relationship, admits she has developed a habit of checking up on her loved ones while they are sleeping.

"My favourite thing at night is to check on everyone while they are sleeping, grown-ups, children," she explains. "I actually take quite a lot of pictures of people when they're sleeping, which is kind of creepy because they look dead."