Liv Tyler's new film 'Super' was a labour of love, according to the actress.
Liv Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and star of Lord of the Rings, was speaking in an interview with Screencrave. She described the set of the film, which is a Superhero comedy, as 'the smallest' she's ever worked on, and that she didn't even consider money as a factor: 'I'm not going to make any money, and there's no money for the movie' She explained.
'I've made really small independent films before... but it was really liberating. It's just an interesting exercise. And any chance I have to work in an ensemble with other actors that I love on a story that I love I grab that opportunity.'
Tyler stars opposite Ellen Page, famous for her performances in Juno and Inception, and Transformers star Rainn Wilson. Wilson is Frank D'Arbo, who is inspired by his wife's departure to create his own hapless super hero, the Crimson Bolt.
Super is the latest project from James Gunn, who directed 'Slither' and wrote the screenplay for Scooby Doo. It is currently in post production and is set to be released in the summer.