Liv Tyler gets ''distracted'' by Justin Theroux's body.

The 'Leftovers' actress admits she couldn't take her eyes off her co-star, who is engaged to Jennifer Aniston, when she saw photographs of him filming an anatomically revealing scene for a TV movie in Queens, New York City in June 2013, in which he was clearly running in sweatpants without any underwear on.

The 37-year-old beauty told 'Watch What Happens Live!': ''There was this scene where he was jogging and there was quite a large bulge in his sweatpants and it was all over.''

She added: ''I get distracted when I watch the pilot [of 'The Leftovers,] definitely. I'm like, 'Can't help but look there.' But I've never noticed the bulge other times.''

Justin previously gushed about his love of working out.

He said: ''I like to work out in the afternoon, around three or four. I just don't like to wake up and sweat. I'd rather have a cup of coffee.

''In New York I used to just be more active. I'd always ride my bike everywhere or skateboard everywhere, walk, whatever. Then I started going to the gym.''

The actor, 42, got engaged to former 'Friends' star Jennifer, 45, on his birthday in August 2012, but he recently hinted they are in no rush to get married, as they are still enjoying their engagement.