Actress Liv Tyler has scored a massage chair gift from comedienne and chat show host Chelsea Handler after cooing about the furniture in her dressing room during a recent appearance on the show.

The Incredible Hulk star tried out the relaxing chair that Handler's team put in the Chelsea Lately guest dressing room to help celebrities relax before their chat with the host, and complimented Handler for looking after her stars.

This prompted the comedienne, who will end her long-running E! show later this month (Aug14), to offer to send Tyler the chair when the programme is done and aides are emptying the studio.

The actress said, "I just had a major session in your massage chair. There are massage chairs in the dressing rooms, and they are serious."

Handler responded, "Do you want one when we close the show? Do you want me to send it to you in New York? Do you have room in your place for one? I'll send you one, I'm not joking. We're getting rid of all this s**t."

Thriller Tyler said, "I would love it. It has these little balls that massage the bottom of your feet."