Sexy Liv Tyler is thrilled to be the face of GIVENCHY's new perfume VERY IRRESISTIBLE GIVENCHY because she honestly loves the fragrance.

The actress is a huge fan of rose scents and was delighted to smell peony, fantasia, passion, emotion and centifolia blooms when she first sampled the new fragrance.

She says, "My first impression was, 'Thank goodness. It smells good.' I like discreet, subtle fragrances. I always wear just a hint - a little dab on my neck, wrists, belly button and ankles."

Tyler applies the same, less-is-more rule to the rest of her beauty routine.

She adds, "I love natural products. I like my skin to feel fresh and clean. It's impossible for me to go to bed without having washed my face.

"I cleanse my skin every morning and evening, use a moisturiser, and that's it. I also drink a lot of water.

"My grandmother is my role model. She's 70 and she's still in great shape. She takes care of her skin and body, and gives me lots of beauty tips."

25/08/2003 21:14