Liv Tyler is "obsessed" with high-heeled shoes.

The actress - who stands at 5ft 10in tall - has not always been comfortable with her height but now embraces it because she feels fine about her statuesque physique.

She said: "I'm obsessed with wearing heels all the time now, these Louboutin heels. They're really comfortable.

"I was this tall when I was, I think, 11? So at 11 I was five feet 10 inches and I had size 10 shoes. This came to me like a light bulb recently, like, 'Why am I so shy when I'm tall?' and 'Why do I feel better in flats and Converse?' "

The 33-year-old star now believes she stopped wearing the glamorous shoes because she had been stuck thinking the same way she did as a child.

She added to Nylon magazine: "It's because I was a giant at 11 years old and I was so much taller than everyone. All the boys! But today I feel happy to be tall."

Despite her love for heels, Liv has previously revealed she likes to kick off her shoes and her clothes after an event and be "comfortable".

She said: "I really enjoy dressing up but the moment I get home I take everything off and put my sweats on or my pyjamas - I like to be comfortable.

"I still have my original pair of Converse trainers from when I was a teenager somewhere in my closet."