Rock bands Little Man Tate and The Troubadours were involved in a fight at a university gig this weekend - over a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey.
The two groups had to be separated by police and staff at Aston University, England after a brawl broke out on Saturday (07Jun08) over a misunderstanding about their backstage requests.
A statement from Sheffield, England-based Little Man Tate says, "The Troubadours were acting like rock 'n' roll thugs all day, stealing bottles of Jack Daniels and winding everybody up. When they threatened our sound man, vocalist Jon Windle confronted them and it was carnage."
But The Troubadours have hit back in their own official release, claiming that the alcohol was for everyone, not just the Sheffield rockers.
They say, "So protective were they (Little Man Tate) over the stash of booze, you'd have thought they'd have been down the offie (off-licence liquor shop) themselves.
"A scuffle broke out, and with just two Troubies outnumbered by this other band and their mates, we can only assume they had 'little man syndrome' or something."