Little Fish Announced As Support To Placebo

Little Fish Announced As Support To Placebo

Little Fish also release new single 'Whiplash' this week and have just unveiled a video to accompany the track. Singer JuJu explains the process of making the video -

"For me, the video had to have a strong feeling of paranoia and loneliness, to be intense and have some live performance in it as well as be grainy, black and white. We ended up shooting the video in the grounds of a huge abandoned mill-factory out in the docklands, East London. The story of the video is not a direct metaphor for the lyrics in the song. It is largely based on the feeling it gives. We not only perform the song live in it, but within that, there is a crazy story where I wake up from a dream, or in a dream even, or not even in a dream, and Nez (the drummer), is like my paranoia, he is everywhere, playing the drums, getting more menacing. I can't get away from it all."

Onstage, Little Fish are sensual thunder, drawing you in with dangerous warmth. Juju's self taught guitar style blazes through as Nez vigorously propels himself and beats his way through the songs. The band's visceral live show is intensified by the addition of a Hammond organ which helps the band to convey more fully what they laid down on the album with producer Linda Perry at the helm. Listening to their music, either live or on their debut album, you can really hear the band's intense creativity in all its glory. JuJu explains the process - "I have to be by myself in a room when I'm writing so no one can hear me shouting and screaming like an exorcist. Some people can write in public, but not me. For me it's a solitary experience, so I can unlock my lyrics and bare my soul and inspiration."