Little Boots nearly quit singing because her former bandmates thought her music was "cheesy".

The 'New in Town' hitmaker got her first record deal as part of all-girl indie group Dead Disco, but soon "lost confidence" in her abilities because the other band members hated her songs.

The singer - whose real name is Victoria Hesketh - explained: "The band started off so well. They said they liked Duran Duran, The Killers and Blondie so I was like, 'Yes!' It was so much fun.

"We were writing songs and they were actually good; we were starting to get somewhere. Then we got signed and suddenly there was so much pressure to write hits. The label had a fixed idea of how they wanted us to be.

"Then the band started pulling in different directions. I was writing really poppy songs and the others thought it was cheesy. I lost a lot of confidence with that band, actually. I really felt like a sh*t song writer."

Victoria was considering quitting music when she met producer and writer Greg Kurstin, who suggested she pursue a career as a songwriter.

She said: "Greg was like, 'You're a really good pop writer. You shouldn't fight it' But when the record company heard my demos, they didn't want anyone performing them but me!"