The guitarist reveals he smacked his right hand on a wooden door at home while he was packing for the trip to Dallas, Texas, where the ceremony was held on 19 April (15), and the impact broke one of his bones.

However, Sweet thought nothing of the injury and pressed ahead with the band's set, playing new single Girl Crush at the ACM Awards, where Little Big Town walked away with the Vocal Group of the Year honour.

He only decided to see a doctor after the prizegiving, as his hand was still aching, and it was then he learned the extent of the damage.

He tells ABC News Radio, "I've never had a broken bone in my whole life, so I didn't know what it felt like."

Sweet has since been advised to wear a brace on his hand while he's not performing.

He's lucky the injury didn't require surgery, as the band is due to perform two shows in Texas this weekend (02-03May15).

He says, "All will be well."