The Players Club star was quizzed about a skin whitening cream line called Whitenicious while promoting her movie Skinned, about skin bleaching in Africa and around the world, on a radio show and MCCoy claimed the products caused skin cancer. She also alleged people who used the creams were left with dark spots on their knuckles and elbows.

Whitenicious founder Dencia Sonkey, a Cameroonian pop singer, is now hitting back at MCCoy and demanding she retract her claims.

Sonkey's lawyers have fired off a letter to the 49-year-old threatening to sue for defamation if she doesn't backtrack. Her representative also claims Sonkey was going to work with MCCoy, but ultimately decided she didn't fit the brand's image.

"We don't know if that is why she is upset and trying to make up stories about the ever so great Whitenicious, but whatever the case we will definitely go to the end of this," Sonkey's representative Rebecca Matamba tells in an email. "We are ready and our lawyers are ready to move forward. We hope she is smart enough to retract or rich enough to go to trial."