The Players Club star was quizzed about her views of a luxury skincare line called Whitenicious as she promoted her movie Skinned, about skin bleaching in Africa and around the world, earlier this month (Jan16).

According to reports, MCCoy is said to have suggested the products caused skin cancer and also alleged people who used the creams were left with dark spots on their knuckles and elbows.

Whitenicious founder Dencia Sonkey, a Cameroonian pop singer, subsequently hit back at MCCoy and demanded she retract her claims or face legal action for defamation.

Sonkey's lawyers claimed their client had been considering working with MCCoy, but scrapped the idea as the 49-year-old doesn't fit the brand's image.

Now MCCoy's representative, C. Anthony Mulrain, is fighting back, insisting the actress never called out Sonkey's product on air.

In a response obtained by, Mulrain declares MCCoy had been referencing "Whitealicious", not "Whitenicious" during the chat, and alleges Sonkey had initially brushed off the comments anyway, stating any publicity was good publicity.

After MCCoy's remarks hit headlines, Sonkey took to Twitter to write, "Everytime a celeb (sic) or blog mentions Whitenicious, saying anything good or bad, the sales go up 1000%, so hey keep talking."

Mulrain goes on to insist MCCoy will not be retracting her statements, but is willing to clarify that she was not referring to Sonkey's products in the interview on her social media accounts.