Lisa Vanderpump thinks it was ''unbelievable'' two of her dogs passed away within days of one another.

The 57-year-old reality star recently revealed her pink Pomeranian Pink Dog had died, and on Thursday (05.10.17) she announced a second pet, Pikachu, had also lost his life, just six days later.

And Lisa admitted promoting her documentary, 'The Road to Yulin and Beyond' - which is about trying to end the dog meat trade - was particularly hard to do in the wake of the double loss.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''To even talk about that right now -- having lost two of my dogs in just a few days has been unbelievable. At this time, it's difficult to do it.''

However, she was very proud of the work done in the film.

Speaking at its premiere at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles, she said: ''We're trying to create a humane environment for dogs everywhere.

''It is important for us to be here, and I thank everybody else for coming out and supporting this short documentary. But it's been a wonderful year as well because the Vanderpump Dog Rescue Centre has already adopted out, I think, 250 dogs from the kill shelters.''

The 'Real Housewives' star had revealed Pomeranian Pikachu had passed away on her Instagram account shortly before the premiere.

Along with a picture of the cute dog, Lisa wrote: ''Rest in peace my sweet Pikachu, we will miss you so much,. Such sadness at your loss (sic)''.

Lisa later revealed that Pikachu - named after the popular electric-mouse from the 'Pokemon' franchise - was suffering and he was treated with ''love and compassion''.

She said: ''It was unfortunate timing to lose two of our furry children in six days.

''Pikachu was suffering the last few days so it gave us some solace when he passed. The carers at VCA treated him with love and compassion and he is now at rest.

''In light of recent tragic events, it makes me appreciate even more the huge comfort that our beloved pets give to us in this very sad world.''

Lisa is a huge canine lover and has set up a rescue shelter, Vanderpump Dogs, a luxurious setting for homeless hounds featuring velvet sofas and chandeliers.